13 Awesome Morphing GIFs That Show Concept Cars Evolving to Production Models

Concept cars can sometimes be bittersweet… they are certainly fun to look at, and usually show the latest innovations in technology and design. The bitter part, however, is that many of these concept models never make it to production, and those that do can look drastically different from what consumers were expecting (one of the best examples being the Chevy Volt).

We compiled 13 different concept models that made it to production, and used animated morphing GIFs to show their evolution.

Acura NSX

Tesla Model S

Suzuki Kizashi

 Renault Captur

 Nissan GT-R

 Lexus LFA

 Jaguar F-Type

 BMW i3

 Ford GT

 Chevy Volt

 Dodge Charger

 Cadillac ELR

 BMW i8

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